Winter conference, Spring baseball

It has been a very busy time in the GCP! We have been putting lots of energy into our interview season! First years had a very busy winter quarter, and second years are wrapping up their thesis projects. It's hard to believe that in only 8 weeks, the year will be over!

In March, a few of the first years volunteered for a BRCA conference for those in the community that have a mutation and may have had breast cancer. It was an awesome day organized by fellow GCs at Children's and St. Elizabeth Hospital sponsored by Check Your Genes. There were several speakers that came to talk to attendees including surgeons, radiologists, survivors, and of course - genetic counselors. There were also breakout sessions where people could learn more about BRCA, discuss telling their families about their mutation, understand how this may change sexuality, etc.  It was a very long day, but it was SO interesting to be around our potential patients in Cancer Clinic all day and hear all the information they had to give. In thinking about all the doctors that were there, it was interesting to also hear about all the other members of the medical community that GCs need to work with to truly understand the impact of BRCA mutations on our patients.

Although it's been a busy few weeks, it hasn't been ALL work. The baseball season started and some of us girls headed to see the Cincinnati Reds on opening night to help donate to the Fetal Care Center at CCHMC.  It was a beautiful evening and there were fireworks after! Luckily the Reds won. It's so fun to be able to enjoy each other's company outside of school and to be able to keep discovering Cincinnati together. There were a total of 10 of us at the game - and I'm sure we'll be going to a few more before we all leave for our summer rotations!

Speaking of summer rotations, some of the first years have nailed down where they will be! We will be heading to Charlotte (NC), Las Vegas, Cleveland, Washington DC, Denver, Newfoundland (Canada), Atlanta, and three will be heading to Nashville! Almost everyone has the details smoothed out, and are rotating in prenatal and/or cancer rotations. We are all very excited for our summer sites!

The second years are also very excited as they are beginning to get jobs! One has a cancer job in Atlanta, one establishing genetic counseling in Illinois, one in Kentucky -- and several more are within the last stages of interviews! It is a very exciting time for the program & my classmates.

It is my effort to keep this more up-to-date this quarter prior to heading to summer rotations! We are very excited to welcome a new class here in a few weeks, and I am sure all of the details will be posted in short time. As a first year, it is hard to imagine that only a year ago, we were all interviewing. We've learned SO much since then - in classes, clinic, with our thesis. It is mind-boggling to think that this time next year, we will almost be graduates! We couldn't be more excited to enter the GC field :)

Posted by Leslie Gress, First Year Student