Hustle & Bustle in the GCP!

It's a busy time of year for the students and staff here at the program!

First years have begun their clinic rotations and are about to wrap up their first quarter of classes. We just had a big Molecular Genetics test on Monday, and finished a few weeks with what seemed to be endless assignments for other classes. It's nice looking at the rest of our "to-do" list: only a few exams and we are onto Christmas break! Although, I think the lesson a lot of us are learning in our first few weeks here at UC is that the "to-do" list is surely going to be never-ending over the next two years! The "buzz" around us is all about thesis topics - we submitted our choices to Melanie on Monday and are waiting to hear back which project we will be devoting endless hours to over the rest of our time here. We were really lucky to have great choices to pick from, and I think most of us would be happy with whatever we get! Updates on that are sure to come!

Second years are deep into their research for their Thesis projects. In talking with a few of them, it seems they are really enjoying their classes, especially Advanced Genetic Counseling and Teratology. Also they are seeing more patients on average because several of them are in a specialty clinic setting. Even though I'm just a first year, I get the feeling that the second years really enjoyed their summer rotations, but are glad to be back at Children's and UC and wrapping up their time on the way to graduation in June!

The program staff is also busy! Like I said, Melanie is matching students for thesis projects which I'm sure is keeping her busy. Katie is preparing the rest of the clinic schedule for the first years, and Kathleen and Carrie are always busy as well! I think we are all VERY thankful for our program coordinator, Bette Young, who joined the program staff in September. Speaking from experience, if there is a superhero out there - it IS Bette! She is such a pleasant woman and can get anyone whatever information you need. She also keeps little treats for us - like pretzels, or cough drops when you're ill, and recently hand lotion has made an appearance since winter is approaching!

I'd say generally all is good and happy here at the GCP. I'm working on some more specific blog posts about clinic experiences, classroom experiences, and other things - just waiting for some feedback from my classmates to be able to post! :-)

Thanks for joining us on our blog-endeavor! Remember, you can e-mail us gcgradstudent@cchmc.org or comment below. Have a great day!

Posted by: Leslie Gress, First Year