2015 Ohio Genetic Counselor Meeting

A few weeks ago, I attended the 2015 Annual Ohio Genetic Counselors Meeting along with my classmates Kait and Meghann. This was our first genetic counseling conference and we were excited to find out what was discussed and what the event would be like.

The conference was in Columbus and consisted of eight different 30-45 minute presentations. The presentations covered a variety of topics relevant to genetic counseling, including the newest therapies in development for muscular dystrophies, perinatal ethics, and new technology for biopsy free tumor sequencing and how it may impact cancer treatment. While it was a long day of sitting and listening to lectures, the short length of each one and the wide variation in topics kept the meeting engaging.

One thing that I realized while listening to the lectures was how much I understood. I was able to make connections to the patients I’ve seen and clinics I’ve rotated in. Only a year ago I was taking quizzes on medical terminology and just starting to learn how to take pedigrees. I can’t believe how much I have learned and grown in the past year.

During the break for lunch, we sat with a couple of our classmates who graduated last May and have now been working for a few months. This was a great opportunity to learn about the transition from graduate training into working and how that has been for them. We were also able to get advice about the job search process and studying for the board exam. The environment in the lunch room was loud and exciting, as many people had the opportunity to sit and talk with old classmates and colleagues who they had not seen since last year.

After the conference, we were also able to network with the genetic counseling students from Ohio State and Case Western who were also at the meeting. This was a very fun opportunity to learn more about their programs and discuss particularly interesting indications that we’ve gotten to see. 

Overall, I had a lot of fun attending the Ohio Genetic Counselors Meeting. It was a good learning opportunity to find out more about the topics presented and what a conference is like. In addition, I really enjoyed getting to feel part of a larger community of genetic counselors.

--Hayley Grandine, second year student